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Author Archives: nplotnek

Where are The Idiots now?

Posted from Manilva, Andalusia, Spain.

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A Very Naughty Boy

Posted from Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia.I’m delighted to announce that since the last blog we’ve managed to get going again, but lack of time and internet access has prevented me from posting an update till now. So here we go… Thursday 16th August to Monday 20th August Just spent the days hanging around really.  It … Continue reading »

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Déjà Vu All Over Again

Posted from Bukhara, Bukhara Province, Uzbekistan.So you think we’ve dropped off the radar?  Well we have and we haven’t.  Since we left Khiva on Sunday 5th August, Kevin and I have arrived in Bukhara, but got no further, due to our clutch problem.  So read on. Sunday 5th August We had an early breakfast and … Continue reading »

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The Damned Heat, Carruthers

Posted from Khiva, Khorezm Province, Uzbekistan.This next instalment of our adventures takes us through Turkmenistan to our first Silk Road City, Khiva, in Uzbekistan. Tuesday 31st July We woke at 7:00am and for a supposed 5-star hotel (read: low 4-star in the UK) had a poor breakfast – watered down juice, no proper bread, and … Continue reading »

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Shit Happens

Posted from Ashgabat, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.Well you’ve stuck with me so far, dear reader, so here’s the next instalment of our journey ever east. Today’s theme is that every adventure must have its highs and lows.  This one has proved to be no exception, so here’s what’s gone on (the lows as you can imagine). Friday … Continue reading »

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I Wouldn’t Bother If I Were You

Posted from Azerbaijan.Well a lot’s happened since my last blog.  We’re now in Baku, awaiting our visas to Turkmenistan so we can board the ferry.  The easier part of our trip has come to an end after 3,500 miles and one-third of the journey. So what’s gone on? Saturday 21st July The morning saw us … Continue reading »

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Drier than a Kookaburra’s Khyber

Posted from Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey.Well I really shouldn’t have moaned earlier because it turned warm as soon as we arrived in Bulgaria, and now we’re in Istanbul it’s too hot. So, how’s the week gone? Firstly, the countries have flown by.  It rained as far as Höchberg (near Wurzburg) in Germany.  Well, more of … Continue reading »

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Wetter than an Otter’s Pocket

Posted from Graz, Steiermark, Austria.We were given the most encouraging send off from the Birmingham Children’s Hospital on Friday 13th, and the sun even shone for a few moments.  A big thanks to everyone who was there, it was a great moral boost for us.  After 11 months’ planning we were finally off! Never mind … Continue reading »

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Visa Shmeeza

Posted from Shirley, England, United Kingdom.Just had a text this afternoon from those lovely people at the Visa Machine telling me our last visa has just arrived. In the end we actually required 8 Visas in advance, plus 2 Letters of Invitation (all indicated below).  We will still need to get a visa on arrival … Continue reading »

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Yak Avoidance Techniques

Posted from York, England, United Kingdom.I’ve just spent the last two Sundays near Thirsk brushing up my (pretty poor) off road skills with those friendly guys at the i2i Motorcycle Academy.  They provided me with all the kit and a lovely KTM to ride.  I have to say I had two great days and learned loads about … Continue reading »

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